Bridge BNB (BSC <-> opBNB)

Before performing any transactions on the opBNB network, you must first deposit BNB as your gas token from BNB Smart Chain to opBNB.

  1. Connect Wallet

  2. Input the amount you want to deposit to the opBNB network.

  3. Click 'Deposit'

  4. Click 'Confirm' to sign the transaction.

  5. Once the transaction is processed, switch your network to opBNB. The BNB amount you have deposited will appear in your wallet.

To withdraw BNB from opBNB back to BNB Smart Chain, simply go to Withdraw tab, enter the amount to withdraw, and confirm the transaction (same steps as Deposit process).

(The estimated withdrawal time is 7 days. Therefore, it's advisable to deposit only a sufficient amount of gas fee to avoid waiting during the withdrawal process)

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