King Crow


Time: Daily appearance from 14:30 to 15:30 UTC

Players need ScareCrow tools to chase the King Crow.

King Crow will disappear once his HP reaches 0, or after 1 hour.

While King Crow is present, all plants on the whole map will temporarily stop generating LE.

King Crow stats:

  • HP: 500HP

  • Normal Hits:

Hit rate: 0.1%

Reward: 8,000 LE/Hit

  • Special Hits:

Hit rate: 0.0003%

Reward: 500,000 LE/hit

All reward wallets will be listed in the 'Prize' & 'Special Prize' tabs after the event ends.


Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, everything was in chaos: the crops were failing, the rivers were drying up, and the once lush forests were turning into barren wastelands. The reason for this was simple - the Crow King was missing.

The Crow King - named Krow, was a young and giddy crow who had been thrust into the role of king when his father passed away. He had never wanted to be a king, and had often dreamed of running away from the palace and living a carefree life.

One day, Krow decided to act on his dreams. He fled from the palace, flew around the kingdom, and eventually fell asleep in a secluded spot. Little did he know that his nap would cause chaos all over the kingdom.

As soon as the Krow flew off the palace and landed somewhere in the jungle, all the plants stopped generating LE. The farmers were starting to panic. They knew they had to find the Crow King and bring him back to the palace.

They searched high and low, but there was no sign of him. Eventually, they found a clue in an ancient magic book that told a puzzle that would reveal his location.

The puzzle was difficult, but they managed to solve it. They followed the clues until they reached a secluded land (X:Y) deep in the forest. There, they found the King, sleeping peacefully.

But there was a problem - he had been cursed so that no one could wake him up. The farmers were at a loss, unsure of how to break the curse and save their plants.

But then, one of them had an idea. They remembered a Scarecrow tool that they used to chase away bad crows from their fields. They decided to try using it on the Crow King.

To their amazement, the tool worked. After a few tries, they managed to break the curse and wake up the Crow King.

As soon as Krow woke up and arrived at the palace, the plants started generating LE again. All farmers were relieved.

However, the little King couldn't resist his playful nature. He escapes from the palace everyday and finds somewhere to hide, causing losses for an hour everyday. But amid all the frustration, a rumor began to spread that someone had discovered a big treasure while trying to wake up the Crow King.

From that moment, all of the farmers eagerly searched for the Crow King location, hoping to wake him up and claim the rumored treasure. They scoured the land, solved puzzles (hint) to find him, each one hoping to be the lucky one.

The little King, unaware of the treasure hunt surrounding him, continued to explore and enjoy his freedom, unknowingly leaving clues behind for the farmers.

The treasure hunt became a thrilling adventure for everyone involved. It brought the kingdom together, fostering a sense of unity and teamwork among the farmers.

The PvU kingdom thrived, not just because of the prosperity brought by Crow King, but also because of the unity and friendship that had blossomed among its people.

And so, our Krow’s adventure never ended - He would continue to explore new places and no surprise, fall asleep somewhere in the jungle again and again…

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