Mythic 5

Year 10 Mythic plant - Cosmic Enigma Bloom

Rarity: Omega

Ability: When planted, choose a faction for this plant, increase synergy count for the chosen faction by 3.


1- Increase steal chance by 20% for pets in land and raise the steal probability limit for its land from 60% to 70%.

2- Every successful steal attempt earns 1 Extra Prize.

Prize condition: You can only receive an Extra Prize when:

Points are accumulated to a land with this Mythic plant (in case you have multiple adjacent lands, the steal points will be accumulated in a random land of those lands, means that when points are added to a land without this Mythic, you won't receive any Extra Prize).

Skill Zone: for Pets in the same land.


• Skill 1 (stealing chance) can stack, with each Mythic on the land, the stealing chance increases by 20%, up to a maximum of 70%.

• Skill 2 (Extra Prize) cannot stack, maximum 1 Extra Prize for each successful steal attempt/land.

Up to 80 Prizes/day/land, reset at 00:00 UTC daily.

Once planted, Year 10 Mythic needs 12-hour cooldown before it can be replaced or removed.

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