3. Plant fusion

Plant fusion is an exciting new mechanic introduced in PvU Legacy, which allows players to combine a certain number of plants to create a brand new fused plant. The probability of creating a better fused plant is higher when using higher quality plants as the fusion material.

Fusion fee:

• Fusion Phase 1: 1:10 seed offering price of that year

• Fusion Phase 2: 1:1 seed offering price of that year

Fused plants come with many advantages, including one guaranteed extra ability and a greater chance of acquiring better skills, larger affected zones, and better seasonal adaptation.

Fused Plant Extra Ability will have its own area of effect, independent of the Skill Zone stat.

In addition, there is a rare chance of fusion resulting in a Mythic plant. These unique plants do not belong to any particular faction and players can choose the faction when planting them on the field to activate their most powerful skills. Keep an eye out for these unique NFTs as they could be a game-changer for your strategy.

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