New world map mechanism

A new world map mechanism is effective from Year 13 onwards. This mechanism aims to enhance the overall game economy and cater to a diverse range of players.

1. Layer:

The current world map is divided into a total of 14 Layers and may increase in the future.

Layer00 is accessible from the beginning with 64x12 grid, occupying the largest area. From Layer01 onwards, each Layer has an area of 64x4 grid.

The next Layer will be unlocked once the entire server meets one of the following two conditions:

Reach the required number of bid slots. Reach the required LE bid amount.

Conditions to unlock the next Layer will be shown on the World map.

After the bidding time ends, Layers will continue to be unlocked once the conditions are met throughout that year.

2. Land types:

There are 4 types of land:

Regular land, with no symbol, which can grow all types of plants.

Common land, marked with "C" on the map, can only grow Common plants.

Rare land, marked with "R" on the map, can grow Common and Rare plants.

Epic land, marked with "E" on the map, can grow Common, Rare, and Epic plants.

3. Bidding range:

The Minimum bid for 1 slot and Rent all (ceiling price for 1 entire land/28 slots) vary based on land type and Layer. The bidding range and land stats will be announced before the new year begins if there are any changes.

Read detailed stats in Land stats

4. Productivity - Treasury Blessing:

The farming productivity of Layer 0 is the highest and decreases gradually towards the last Layer. This benefits players who actively participate in bidding period.

Productivity also varies depending on the type of lands.

One factor added to the new World Map mechanism is Treasury Blessing. When the Treasury Pool balance reaches a specified milestone, the Productivity Percentage of all lands on the entire map will increase or decrease accordingly. Productivity Percentage is applied in real time.

Treasury pool Productivity Percentage

<= 1M


1M -> 2M


2M -> 3M


3M -> 4M


4M -> 5M


5M -> 6M


6M -> 7M


7M -> 8M


8M -> 9M


9M -> 12M


12M -> 15M


15M -> 20M


> 20M


Productivity Percentage affect all LE-generating factors or activities, including:

Plant yield when harvested

Skill, Ability, Buff related to LE from plants, weather, decorations

Reward from chasing crows or watering

Pet Mystery boxes

Harvest stealing


and will not affect other dropped items and NFTs.

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