Bidding for land slots:

Land bidding process is a new mechanic introduced in PvU Legacy that aims to intensify player interactions and enhance the gameplay experience.

To start farming, players need at least 1 slot for growing their plant. First, choose a suitable time zone for crow and water daily schedule, then find a piece of land in that zone with the desired composition and bid on the slot you want.

Each slot has a Floor price. To participate in bidding, players must place a bid higher than the floor price/current bid to be eligible. The bidding process will continue until the bidding time ends or until a player decides to bid the ceiling price for the entire land, at which point that player immediately becomes the land slot owner for the next 1 year in-game time or 12 days in real-time.


○ In Bidding time, you can see the bidding price of all slots but you can't see who is bidding it.

You cannot cancel your bid if you are the highest bidder at that time. You can only withdraw your bid after someone bids higher than you.

Relevant information:

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