GEM Conversion System

GEM is the new in-game currency system designed exclusively for minigames and serves players who prefer not to engage in farming but only want to play minigames.

From this new system, players can withdraw their entire earnings from minigames without paying tax. Additionally, this system benefits farming players as well, as they can potentially reduce their income tax through participation in minigames as well as PvP mode in the future.

Here are some rules that apply to the GEM currency system:

  1. opPVU to GEM:

GEM converted from opPVU is not restricted when converting it back to opPVU.

For example: You converted 100,000 opPVU to 1,000,000 GEM. You played and won 5,000,000 GEM, you can convert all 5,000,000 GEM back to 500,000 opPVU.

  1. LE to GEM:

GEM converted from LE must be spent in minigames following the below conversion rate table before converting back to opPVU.

Only the GEM converted from LE is subject to the conversion rate. Profits won’t be affected.

For example: Your first conversion is 25,000 LE -> GEM. To be eligible to convert 25,000 GEM -> opPVU, you need to spend 2x25,000 = 50,000 GEM (Level 1)

• You spent 20,000 GEM on Head and Tails, lost 5,000 GEM.

Your total spent GEM: 20,000

Your GEM balance: 15,000

Your 'Can be converted' amount: 10,000

• You then spent an additional 50,000 GEM on Deal or No Deal and won 200,000 GEM.

Your total spent GEM: 70,000

Your GEM balance: 215,000

Your 'Can be converted' amount: 25,000 (LE -> GEM converted amount)

The remaining 190,000 GEM can be converted to opPVU without any conditions.

Spent GEM is only counted from the moment you convert LE to GEM.

For example: You converted 100,000 opPVU -> GEM and spent 1,000,000 GEM on September 8th.

On September 11th, you converted 30,000 LE to GEM and then spent 30,000 GEM on minigames.

-> Your current spending GEM: 30,000

You can track your current spending GEM here:

Note: Your conversion rate, convertible amount of GEM and GEM spending in minigames within a year will be reset at the end of each farming year (before the break time). Any unspent GEM balance that doesn't meet the requirement will be remained.

  1. opPVU + LE to GEM:

In cases where players convert both opPVU -> GEM and LE -> GEM, the converted GEM from opPVU will always take precedence.

For example: You converted 100,000 opPVU -> 1,000,000 GEM and 1,000,000 LE -> 1,000,000 GEM, and then spent 7,000,000 GEM, won 10,000,000 GEM:

Your total spent GEM: 7,000,000 GEM

Your GEM balance: 12,000,000 GEM (10M profit + 2M capital)

You can convert:

10M GEM back to opPVU (profits are not affected by the conversion rate)

2M GEM capital:

1,000,000 GEM back to opPVU (GEM amount converted from opPVU is not affected by the conversion rate)

500,000 GEM to opPVU (Your ‘can be convert’ based on the amount of GEM spent on minigames)

GEM - LE rate: 1:1 ; GEM - opPVU rate : 10:1

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