Crow Hunting

How To Play:

  1. Place your bet and select boxes.

  2. Once selected, hit 'THROW' button to review the result.

  3. The more Crows that got selected, the better prize you gonna get. (3% fee on every win to boost the reward farming pool)

  4. Two modes are available: Throw 5 times and Throw 10 times ( you can switch up by pressing the button on the top-left corner).

  1. There are always 10 Crows in both modes: 9 normal Crows + 1 Special Crow The Prize will double when you hit the Special Crow.

  • Throw 5 times mode: + Select 5 boxes + Hit Throw + Max crows you can hit: 5/10

  • Throw 10 times mode: + Select 10 boxes + Hit Throw + Max crows you can hit: 10/10

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