Slot status:

All the status of slots

‘BID NOW!’ light green slot: slot is available and has not been bid on yet. When you bid on these slots, you will be the first to place a bid on them.

‘BIDDING' yellow slot: slot is in the bidding process. Players can join the bidding by placing a higher bid.

‘YOUR BID' yellow slot (with a popped out effect): slot that you are currently bidding, and you are the highest bidder at the moment.

‘OUTBID' red slot (with a popped out effect): another player has joined and outbid your slot. You can either place a higher bid to compete for the slot or cancel your bid to withdraw.

‘BID END' black slot: slot has been bid at the ceiling price by another player. No further bids are allowed on these slots.

X red slot: the bidding time has ended, no further bidding is allowed. Wait a moment while the system calculates and opens your slot.

Green slot with green border: slot owned by another player

Green slot with white border: your own slot

‘RENT NOW!' light green slot: slot available for rent at a fixed price, once you pay the rent, you will own that slot until the end of the current year.

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