Deal Or No Deal

Game Process:

Step 1: Place your bet and vote for the desired case

  • Then enter the game with the case having the most votes

Step 2: Start the “Deal or No Deal” Loop until the game end

  • Each player votes for the cases they want to reveal. Then the cases having the most votes will be revealed

  • After that, the banker will offer player a deal with value equal to the average value of the remaining cases

  • Now the player must make decision:

  • Deal: Receive the deal and be out of the game

  • No Deal: Refuse the deal and proceed to the next “Deal or No Deal” Loop.

Step 3: If player keep choosing “No Deal” to the final state of the game. Now there are only 2 cases left.

  • Player has 3 options to choose

  • Deal: Receive the deal and finish the game

  • No Deal: Refuse the deal and open the case at the very start

  • Switch case: Refuse the deal and take the last case on the scene


  • Deal 2nd: Reveal 3 cases

  • Deal 3rd: Reveal 4 cases

  • Deal 4th: Reveal 4 cases

  • Deal 5th: Reveal 3 cases

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