1. Pet Price: 3000 PVU (Price may change every year based on PVU price, similar to new offerings)

  2. Pet Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Legend and Mythic.

Each rarity tier of pet will have unique Skill and Skill zone, as shown in the below image:

  1. Pet Skill:

Energy: Each pet has an energy bar, using skills consumes energy (except stealing). Pets need to be fed and provided with enough Water/Scarecrow tools before they can perform tasks.

Food: 1 food = 1 energy

Each time a skill is triggered on a plant, it will consume 1 energy.

Maximum Energy a Pet can archieve from food:

Common Pet: 150

Rare Pet: 150

Epic Pet: 200

Legendary Pet: 250

Mythic Pet: 300

  1. Pet Skill Zone: Randomly based on the faction.

Rules: Players must own a minimum of 6 land slots and 6 plant NFTs to place pet and use Pet's Ability on that land.

How to steal: You can only steal one plant at a time. If successful, you can continue stealing, but if you fail, there will be a 2-minute timeout before you can attempt another one. Thieves receive 20% of LE, the plant owners retain 80%.

  1. Pet Reward System:

There will be a point accumulation system to open rewards. Pets will earn points through the following activities:

  • Using their skills on the land.

  • Successful steals give points to all pets within the land.

Points a pet receives when completing a task:

Harvesting: 1

Watering: 1

Chasing crow: 1

Steal Harvest: 1

Once enough points are accumulated, players can open mystery boxes, which come in 5 different rarities, each including different rewards.

Accumulated points required to claim a Mystery Box:

Common Pet: 100

Rare Pet: 100

Epic Pet: 150

Legendary Pet: 200

Mythic Pet: 250

  1. Maximum number of Pets on a land: 3 pets.

  1. Pet Fusion: There will be a fusion function for pets and will be soon available.

Removing pets will reset all their current points and energies!

Once the quota is full, points cannot be accumulated further until you open the reward!

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