3. How to Plant

Before the year starts:

  • Farmers have 24 hours (from the start of bidding) to position their plants. You can only plant on successfully bid slots.

  • During this time, your plants show all the buffs, synergies they have. However, LE is not gained until farming season starts.

After the year starts:

  • Farmers have 12 days to farm LE.

  • Maximize your profit by cooperating with nearby neighbors (slots and lands)

How to plant your NFTs:

  1. Click on a slot that you own. The Plant List will show up:

  1. Find a plant on the list or through the filter tool:

  1. Choose a plant and it will be placed in the selected slot:

• To remove, click on that plant again on the Plant list. Then you can either choose a different slot to rearrange or select another plant to grow in that slot.

  1. Click the SAVE PRESET button if you are satisfied with the result, or click CANCEL to discard all the changes.

Remember that after you Save, plants will need 1 min to cool down before they can be rearranged again.

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