2. Mother tree

Mother trees are powerful NFTs that will affect the ecology of the entire piece of land. At launch, there will be 36 unique mother trees, also belonging to the same 9 factions.

Unlike regular plants, mother trees do not produce LE but items instead. These items include Scarecrow, Water, Lottery ticket, and Seeds, each with their own chance of dropping. Mother tree productivity depends on the number of Plants on the Land. However, the true value of a mother tree does not come from its material production but rather its powerful buffing capability:

- Synergies: a mother tree of specific faction will raise the synergistic requirement by 3 for that faction. For example: if players have 1 dark mother tree and 3 dark plants on the field, the synergy counts for dark faction is 6, activating all skills from dark plants with 110% efficiency.

- Skill and skill zone: The skills of a mother tree affect not only all plants on the same land, but also those from the neighboring lands.

As powerful as it is, mother tree can only be grown in 1 specific slot within each land, making this slot even more valuable when bidding.

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