Official Gameplay Announcement

Social - Fun - Sustainable ecosystem

It was once a harmonious kingdom, home to various animals and plants. Unfortunately, a pandemic disease turned most animals into Undead. Yet, it also brought hope, seeds sprouted into special plants. This new generation inherited natural traits and distinctive elements, becoming strong fighters and warriors. They fought to safeguard farmers and fend off the marauding Undead.
In times of peace, farmers of the PVU kingdom diligently grew crops and sowed their special seeds. The PVU kingdom continuously grows and expands. Farmers strive to cultivate numerous plants to prepare for a strong army against the Undead.

In PVU Legacy, players are free to explore diverse modes and several ways to earn within our ecosystem: Trade NFTs, play various minigames (easy and quick earnings), participate in farm mode (learn our gameplay, use your best strategy for stable income), and fight with other players in our PVP mode (coming soon).
PVU team constantly upgrades and brings new updates every season to enhance players' experiences. We aims to provide a diverse experience, not only for entertainment but also as a good source of income for players who master strategies and cooperate effectively with others.
Don't forget to carefully learn the Whitepaper and follow our official Announcement Channel to stay updated on important announcement throughout your gaming journey.
Now, ready to embark on this epic journey? The kingdom of PVU is calling for your aid!